Known for its exemplary work in the hospitality industry, JPL Hospitality is one such name that has set benchmarks for other hospitality edifices in the market. This group dwells upon its consumers’ satisfaction and needs; hence has created many deluxe and luxury holiday homes in pristine locations across the country.

• Casa Pilerne: September, 2006- February, 2008
• The Mangrove Candolim: September,2006- February, 2008
• The Riverfront: May, 2010 – November,2011

Yes, strategically located in Goa and Haridwar, these opulent creations of JPL Hospitality are truly magnificent in terms of food, accommodation, recreation, add on facilities and ambience.

These beautifully designed masterpieces are perfect for those who want a relaxing break from the din of the city and offer intense peace and serenity to the mind, body and soul of all the vacationers. They are suave, sophisticated, modern & stylish and promise to bowl over your senses with every comfort that they offer. So, if you are looking for a luxe & deluxe stay at refined destinations across India, visit these lavish holiday homes today and experience the unparalleled hospitality.